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Valley Home News
August 4, 2010
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A report of the July 21 Valley Home MAC meeting tells us that the CHP Officer at the council meeting reported that he had issued five traffic citations in the early morning during the month just ended. Otherwise it had been quiet. The Lieutenant from the Sheriff’s Department reported that there had been a minimum of activity in the Valley Home area. He passed along the watch commander’s telephone number, 525-7188, in the event a resident had an incident to report or had a department question. Sheriff representative Mick Bradford will be assigned to cover future MAC meetings.

Public Works representative reported that oiling of one-eighth mile of Frankenheimer Road had been completed and that Crackerbox Road, Cleveland Road and 28 Mile Road will start at the end of August (28th). He also announced that the Public Works office moved to Morgan Road.

There was an agenda item requesting the removal of commercial vehicles on Lone Tree Road. This is a very complicated problem as the road covers just a short distance in Stanislaus County and considerably more in San Joaquin County so that any decision has to be made by both counties. More information will be available on this at a later meeting.

A 40-page Citizen’s Guide to Recycling in Stanislaus County was shown to those present and a copy may be received from the Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources, 3800 Cornucopia Way, Suite C, Modesto, CA 05358-9492.


A meeting of the Valley Home Community Center board of directors was held July 20 with a discussion on the Valley Home Park. Work has been light this month due to the hot weather but members feel it will be better in August. The list of items includes preparing-leveling the grounds with volunteer work by Sinclair Construction Co., completing the fencing on the eastern property side with the volunteer help of the Winchester brothers with help in digging post holes, placing fence poles and then erecting six and four foot fencing.

The board of directors is working on completing a request for a grant to help in some of the future plans and wants — sprinkler system, picnic tables with benches, picnic BBQ, and resting benches. The group is also discussing numbers and types of trees and fence bushes that will be worked on later.


Members of the Valley Home School PTC held their first meeting of the 2010-2011 school year on Monday, August 2nd at 6 p.m. at the Copin residence on Lambuth Road. Highlighting the meeting agenda for the group was discussion of items that needed to be decided on prior to the start of school and finalization of the PTC activities planned for the new school year.

Just a reminder, that Valley Home School will resume for the fall semester on Wednesday, August 11th, and we should keep an eye out when driving in the area for eager students excited about their first day back at school after summer break and possibly not as alert in crossing the road as they should be.


The Burghardt family enjoyed a drive to the beach at Monterey on Saturday. The trip to one of the family’s favorite beaches at Pacific Grove was a first time adventure for great-granddaughter, Kaili, who found everything about the beach fascinating. Grandpa Mike and Uncle Jeff had a great time introducing Kaili to marine life in the tide pools, and great-grandparents, Glenn and Laura Burghardt enjoyed watching Kaili enjoy her introduction to marine life at the place they themselves had visited for the last 47 years. Judging from Kaili’s interest in what the ocean had to offer, her great-grandparents feel that they may have another marine biologist in the family.


Happy Anniversary wishes to Kelly and Jessica Rinna!