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Valley Home News
June 16, 2010
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The monthly meetings of the Valley Home Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) resume tonight with a meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Harold Pope School Library. A reminder that these MAC meetings are important to those interested in Valley Home happenings as representatives from various county agencies will make a report on the activities in their department — Sheriff, Animal Services, Public Works, etc. In addition, representatives from the Oakdale Rural Fire Protection District, California Highway Patrol and the Valley Home Community Center will also make presentations. An interested resident of Valley Home will not want to miss this meeting.


I assume that residents have noticed that construction activity continues at the Valley Home Community Center park and pavilion site. Keep alert as this activity will continue. But let me take the reader on an historical review of the Valley Home Community Center Clubhouse from its birth in August, 1913 to the present.

Records show that the clubhouse committee was looking at building plans and a building site as early as February of that year. At a March meeting of the Financial Committee of the Thalheim Literary & Society Club it was decided to incorporate and sell stock to anyone wishing to buy at $1 per share to build the proposed clubhouse. At the same time it was announced that William McLaughlin and John Soehl had donated three city lots to L & S Club for a clubhouse site.

The Oakdale Leader reported that $500 had been pledged in cash for the new social hall and this accompanied by a large sum represented by volunteer labor. It was certain that ample funds would be pledged and the new literary and social hall would do much for Thalheim and vicinity. The 36x70’ clubhouse with a 16x20’ stage opened with a five-act drama, entitled “The Pet of Parson’s Ranch.” The hall had a fine dancing floor and was to be the scene of many enjoyable dancing parties in its future.

One of the first events was in October when a Saturday evening dance was given for the pleasure of the construction gang of the new S. P. Railway Co. depot. The next month the T.L.& S. had a Halloween party at the clubhouse and the years that followed included varied events: Mr. Hummels traveling entertainment, the Escalon orchestra, a benefit fundraiser for the Valley Home Cemetery, card parties, a meeting to discuss a plan to “help win WWII” by furnishing fuel for the USS Stanislaus, an informational meeting in 1943 to discuss the formation of the Valley Home Volunteer Fire Department and annual homecoming celebrations such as the 1946 dance and picnic where “Hundreds (more than could possibly get into the clubhouse) enjoyed BBQ at Valley Home.” The list continued over the years and included most of the school graduations, weddings, club meetings, anniversary celebrations, etc.

But eventually the clubhouse became “tired” and needed aid. Valley Home community residents saw the need and several years ago had successful fundraisers two years in a row but it was too late for the 1913 building. County regulations and restrictions had come into existence and for an extensive restoration, the new building would have to meet the new codes and this was impossible due to the size and shape of the site — well water and septic systems clashed in their requirements so new plans had to be generated.

It was then decided by the new Valley Home Community Center board of directors that to keep “The Heart of the Town” alive and active, plans would proceed for a community park and pavilion. Without any “buildings,” without any public water facilities and without any restrooms, the site would be certified as a public park so that is what is in progress. There will be a large pavilion for picnic tables, chairs, etc., there will be landscaping with lawn and trees and there will be a small plaza for a flagpole and a sign or monument to the Thalheim Literary & Social Clubhouse more commonly referred to in later years as the Valley Home Clubhouse.

So keep watching, it will happen soon!