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Valley Home News
June 2, 2010
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There is action at the Valley Home Community Center pavilion site, things are happening. Last week’s activity was the building of the concrete forms for the floor of the pavilion and the pouring of the concrete. There was a large group of concrete workers who demonstrated their skill and by early afternoon there lay before us a beautiful concrete floor that had a smooth as glass rim border and a center section that gave the appearance of etched rockwork. A sidewalk was also laid from the edge of the pavilion across the soon to be grass covered dirt to the edge of the property on Pioneer Ave. After waiting so long it was very rewarding to see the accomplished work.

But that is not all, fencing is now going up that will protect the property and give the project a well manicured appearance. There has been an act of vandalism that occurred at the site a week or so ago damaging the wiring at the well so fencing around the well will be installed. This, in addition to the site fencing will help protect the area.

As it has been mentioned several times in the past, this park and pavilion project is for the residents of Valley Home and their friends and the board of trustees is pleased to have so many volunteers for the work. Be part of the project, call and give us an assist in what is ahead – it can be short and simple or something a little more involved as it is all greatly appreciated. Call President Joe Perez at 847-1162 or contact this reporter who will pass the message along. Be part of the finished project.


Members of the Oakdale Garden Club and Oakdale Historical Society Glenn, Laura and grandson Ryan Burghardt, Ralph and Abbie Damante, Brenda Peterson, Lucas Mendoza, Grace Griggs and Pat Paul gathered Saturday morning for the annual flag placing at the gravesite of veterans buried in the Oakdale Citizens’ Cemetery. This is the tenth year members of these two clubs have had the privilege of honoring our veterans in this manner. This year 569 flags were placed at the gravesites.

A Memorial Day Celebration coordinated by the Romain Schell Post 2922, VFW, Oakdale was held at the Oakdale Citizens’ Cemetery on Monday, May 31 at 11 a.m. The program consisted of a welcome by VFW member Mel Eisenhauer, a prayer by VFW Chaplain Carl Roggentine, reading of Logan’s General Order No. 11 by Lt. Vernon Gladney, OPD, retired, Valley Home resident and U.S. Navy veteran Glenn Burghardt reading his paper, “Memorial Day: What’s It All About” followed by his grandson, Mitchell Cobb reading the poem “Cover Them Over With Flowers” while VFW member Glen Hoffman placed a bouquet of flowers at the flag staff. The ceremony ended with the 7-member VFW rifle team firing the traditional rifle salute followed by a soulful rendering of Taps by Ron Quintanal.


Birthday celebrations are in store this week for Joe Perez, who celebrated his special day on Tuesday, June 1. Joe celebrated his birthday by working on his favorite project, helping on the Valley Home Community Center project.

Happy birthday wishes also go to Kyle Heiny and Cameron Groves who will also enjoy birthday celebrations in their honor this week.


Happy Anniversary wishes go to Tina and Gale Jensen who celebrated their 36th anniversary on Tuesday.