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A very special place – our Valley Home Community Park! Thank you to those of you who have volunteered to help with mowing our community park. In past columns I have shared that we need more help with mowing. I truly believe the old saying “Many hands make light work!” There can never be too much help. Our little park belongs to each of us and as such, anything we can each do to take care of our park will preserve its beauty for years to come. Perhaps you have noticed a piece of trash and stopped to pick it up or maybe you have pulled over, parked your car and pulled a weed or two, maybe you have supported our park by purchasing a dinner at the annual park fundraising dinner. Whatever you have done definitely makes a difference. Please don’t hesitate because you feel like your help is not needed. It most sincerely is needed and appreciated. Over the years several of our community members have worked very hard to make our park a reality. For many the memory of the Community Clubhouse brings back cherished memories of happy times. The clubhouse was located where our community park stands now. Countless events such as dances, weddings, receptions, 4-H meetings are etched into the memories of so many. Unfortunately the old building was unable to be restored and was eventually demolished. Today we enjoy a beautiful community maintained park, which is completely dependent on its care from community members!

The park is always available for your family’s birthday parties, school events, 4-H meetings or just to enjoy your evening dinner at the park. To view pictures of the old clubhouse visit the Valley Home Bulletin Board on Facebook. For more information you may call park chairperson Don Taro at 209-404-1641 or to reserve the park please call Ryan Cope at 209-840-1306. Reservations are not needed unless you wish your event to be private. Remember this beautiful little park depends on each of us to maintain it. There are no State or County funds involved with our park. Our park meeting date and time will be announced as soon as possible. Fundraisers and maintenance will head the agenda. All are encouraged to share your thoughts and ideas.



As always you may reach me at Until next time, “Happy Trails to All!”