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Valley Home News 02-08-23
Winnie Mullins

Hi everyone; I hope you are all doing well!

Please remember Thursday, February 9, is our Fire Board monthly meeting. It will be held at our Valley Home Fire Station at 10am. I really hope those of you who are able to attend will please come. It is always informative … and your questions and thoughts are always welcome.

This week I would like to once again send a huge thank you to our first responders. Our first responders leave their families and selflessly serve our communities every day … I actually don’t think we could ever say thank you enough to these amazing men and women! Our fire department, daily saving lives and saving property. Our fire department is trained to the highest level, always ready to roll on a moment’s notice. Our sheriff’s department is trained to the highest standard; our Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to protecting the lives of each and every citizen in our communities. They patrol our neighborhoods night and day, instantly ready to keep the peace and protect each of us. Our Oakdale police; yes, they have had occasions where they have needed to come to Valley Home, they are excellent at doing their job. Trained to protect and serve, their skill levels are amazing … always right there when they are needed. Our CHP, definitely fast and highly skilled. They are always at the ready. Our CHP patrols our roadways, and serves our communities with their tremendous skills. The men and women of the California Highway Patrol are trained with top notch skills, both on the roadway …and off … they even keep the peace at the State Capitol.

We are very thankful to our ambulance crews, nurses and doctors; they dedicate their lives to taking care of each one of us when we need their amazing life-saving skills. We are so thankful for our amazing and hard-working linemen, these fearless folks head out in the worst winter storms, ice and snow, rain and sleet … their jobs are extremely dangerous. They climb up to amazing heights on power poles; their skills and hard work keeping the power on and keeping our heat and lights on. Even in the worst storms, they are there. We send a huge thank you to our school teachers and school staff. The wonderful education, knowledge and direction you give our children here in our Valley Home School, our Oakdale schools and our amazing Oakdale High School; we are very blessed indeed.

A special thank you to our churches and to all of you who give so much to those around you. We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

As always, you may reach me by email at or by telephone at 209-985-5233.

Until next time, “Happy Trails To All!”