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Target Passes On Oakdale Location
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Hopes were high for the now-empty Kmart storefront to house a new Target location but according to city officials, Target representatives recently informed the city that they would have to pass.

In spite of working with Opportunity Stanislaus and presenting demographic figures, traffic patterns and the City’s growth plan, it simply wasn’t enough to entice the new retailer to take a chance on Oakdale.

As disappointing as the news was, the city is working with the property owners to help attract another retailer to the site.

“We have also met with a couple commercial brokers who indicated they are trying to generate interest in the property as well,” Bryan Whitemyer, Oakdale City Manager shared.

Concerns about the empty building attracting transients and vandals have community members hoping for a new retailer soon but pickings are slim at this time.

Whitemyer continued, saying, “We will continue to try to attract another retailer to the site but as of yet no one has contacted the City about locating to that site.”