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Stanislaus State Daybook 12-6-23
Stan 12-6

The Daybook provides a look at items going on at Stanislaus State University in Turlock. A schedule of Stan State events can be found on the University Events calendar. View Online:


Sturtevant Wins Professional Award

Stanislaus State’s Jennifer “Jen” Sturtevant has been recognized with the NASPA Region VI Dorothy Keller New Professional Award for her exceptional contributions to student affairs. As the director of the University’s Basic Needs, Sturtevant has made significant strides in supporting student well-being and success and has been at the forefront of expanding the program. Under her guidance, Basic Needs has grown from a single-person initiative to a full-fledged department with a dedicated team committed to addressing food and housing insecurity among students.


Heritage And Innovation

An episode of Stanislaus State’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Studio features Vanessa Robledo, owner and founder of Vintner’s Diary and subject of the award-winning documentary “Harvest Season.” Listen as Robledo takes us through her personal journey which includes her family’s migration from Mexico to Napa Valley and the complexities involved with the balancing of traditional expectations and innovative aspirations.


Program Proves To Be Lifeline

Trying to support her five children, then aged 10 to 17 and working toward a liberal arts degree after fleeing an abusive situation, Stanislaus State student Laurie Grace had been homeless for three months. Not knowing where to turn, she contemplated dropping out of school. That is when one of her professors directed her to Stan State’s Basic Needs program, which provides valuable resources to help students address food, housing, and/or financial insecurity. Grace is now in assisted housing, and she continues to be supported by Basic Needs, using the Warrior Food Pantry. “I’m going to graduate and become a teacher and tell little kids, ‘You can do it. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are.’ I want to be a light for a child in darkness.”


Black Student Unions Meet

Stanislaus State recently hosted the Central Region event for the United Black Student Unions of California (UBSUC), uniting high school students from the Central Valley for empowerment, education, and community engagement. Reinforcing Stanislaus State’s dedication to higher education accessibility, Interim President Susan E. Borrego introduced a unique opportunity for the event’s participants. Each student associated with a Black Student Union (BSU) at the event is now eligible for a $500 enrollment waiver upon deciding to attend Stanislaus State. This generous offer emphasizes the University’s dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, particularly those from underrepresented communities.