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Stanislaus State Daybook 10-25-23
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The Daybook provides a look at items going on at Stanislaus State University in Turlock. A schedule of Stan State events can be found on the University Events calendar. View Online:


Writing Instruction For Teachers

Regional teachers learned how to enhance their teaching game through Stanislaus State’s Great Valley Writing Program – a hands-on, immersive experience designed to improve the teaching of writing across educational levels. Over several days, the institute brings together educators who dive deep into research methods, paper writing and publishing. Through a combination of group discussions and individual exercises, participants not only gain a robust skill set for teaching writing but also contribute their own research insights to the educational community.


Addressing Graduation Rates

In a recent report, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities highlights how Stanislaus State is addressing some of the most pressing challenges students face today: food, housing, and financial insecurities. By focusing on the whole student – mind and body – Stan State’s Basic Needs program aims to foster a stronger, more resilient academic community.

Recent research has shown that students plagued by these insecurities are more likely to suffer academically and emotionally, face higher dropout rates and greater levels of stress. With its cross-agency coordination and strong community ties, Stan State is advancing a systemic change that brings resource equity to all enrolled students.