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Search Along River Continues For Missing Girl
River 4.jpg
A sign posted near the Knights Ferry Recreation Area indicates the water on the Stanislaus is running fast and cold, with people warned to stay away.

Emergency services personnel were back at the Stanislaus River in Knights Ferry on Monday, March 18 looking for a young girl caught in the current on Sunday evening.

The original call on March 17 came in just before 5 p.m., according to information provided by the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.

Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District was dispatched to the water rescue as well, responding to a call of nine people in the river unable to get out.

Three boats from the fire department were on scene and it was determined that a child playing near the water slipped and fell in at the Knights Ferry Recreation Area, getting caught in the fast moving water. All the other subjects went in to assist; one was caught in a tree and was rescued by fire personnel. Others that went in to assist made it to shore by themselves or with help, leaving just the young girl accounted for.

The Sunday evening search effort continued for more than three hours, said officials, until darkness made it too dangerous for crews to be on the water.

The effort resumed on Monday; look for an additional update in the March 20 issue of The Oakdale Leader.

Authorities are currently urging people to stay out of the river, as the water is cold and running high and fast.