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Pair Of River Rescues End On Successful Note
A familiar sight already this season on the Stanislaus River, a crew from Stanislaus Consolidated Fire heads into the water on a rescue mission.

With relatively minor injuries, crews have rescued a few people from the chilly, rushing waters of the Stanislaus River over the past week.

On Wednesday, June 19 just after 1 p.m., crews were called into action, according to Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District Captain Buck Condit.

“Stanislaus Water Rescue 28, 26, Engine 27, and Stanislaus Battalion 2 responded to two people in the Stanislaus River needing help,” Condit said of the June 19 rescue effort. “Stanislaus Boat 28 was the first to arrive, and found the victims at the ‘Log Jam,’ downriver from Russian Rapids.”

Due to the precarious position of the victims, and their location, a rescue swimmer needed to get into the water with them and help them to safety, Condit posted on the department’s Facebook page.

“Once safely in the rescue boat, the victims were brought back to shore” and were treated there by an Oak Valley Ambulance crew, noted Condit.

The Wednesday rescue followed a Tuesday night event, June 18.

In that case, just after 7:30 p.m., Condit reported that Stanislaus Water Rescue 28, 26, Engine 27, and Battalion Chief 2 were dispatched to the Stanislaus River, east of Orange Blossom Bridge, for people in the river suffering from hypothermia.

“The rafter had been caught in the brush alongside the riverbank, becoming lodged. Luckily, he was able to free himself, and with the help of his friend, was able to get to a sandbar,” Condit posted.

Both of the subjects involved were wearing life jackets, which Condit credited with saving their lives.

In all during that incident, four people were helped from the river.

Authorities once again reminded residents that the water continues to run fast and cold; life jackets should always be worn and pool floats and toys are not safe to use on the river.