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Monday Night School Board Meeting Postponed

The Monday night, Feb. 7 meeting of the Oakdale Joint Unified School District Board has been postponed.

District officials announced late Monday morning that the decision had been made to postpone the session, which had been scheduled at the Tech Center, with the public portion of the meeting set to start at 6:30 p.m.

Lingering concerns regarding threats made on Friday during continued mask mandate protests factored in to the decision.

In a letter sent to all district parents via the district website on Sunday, Feb. 6, District Superintendent Dr. Dave Kline said the idea of postponing the meeting was under consideration due to the threats.

“On Friday, a father directly threatened both male and female staff members with such fury that we are working with Oakdale Police regarding this matter. Students are being regularly bullied for wearing masks by both fellow students and others,” noted Kline. “People have made it clear over social media, email, and in person that their verbal threats will become physical if they don’t get their way.”

The letter also reiterated the OJUSD efforts in asking that COVID-19 protocols be given over to local control, though they still remain at the state level and it was suggested that protestors move on to Sacramento to voice their concerns.

Students at the secondary level who continue to show up without masks at school are being advised to enroll in Independent Study, as there will be no more alternative arrangements made on campuses for them.