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Yogurt Station Burglarized
The Oakdale Yogurt Station on West F Street was burglarized and ransacked. Police are investigating the crime.

Police are investigating an overnight burglary at the Oakdale Yogurt Station on West F Street where the premises was ransacked and had equipment damaged, goods scattered, and items taken, including the business safe.

Oakdale Police Officer Aaron Beatty said police were contacted by the owner at 9:38 a.m. on Sunday morning, Sept. 23.

Police said their preliminary investigation shows no signs of a forced entry to the business however they were still investigating the crime when contacted.

Officer Beatty said among the damage in the business were; the televisions had the screens broken, an exterior door pane was smashed, and that confections were scattered inside the store. The suspects also turned on the yogurt dispensers and left them running spilling a large amount of yogurt on the floor.  

“We’re still trying to determine what was taken,” said Beatty who confirmed one of the stolen items was the business safe. “The investigation is on-going.”

Anyone with information regarding this crime should contact investigators at the Oakdale Police Department (209) 845-3571.

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