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Tourism And Visitors Bureau Project Brightens Up Oakdale

The Oakdale Tourism and Visitors Bureau, also known as the OTVB, has started brightening up Oakdale, one light at a time.

Anyone walking through the courtyard outside the Bianchi Center or along Second and Third avenues between 7 p.m. to midnight will now be welcomed by the lights strung up around the area. These lights, though normally only seen around the holiday season, will be up year-round to give what OTVB officials term the “gem of the Central Valley” perpetual luminescence even at nighttime.

A non-profit organization, OTVB strives to promote tourism in Oakdale, said Bureau Business Manager Pam Dumas.

Along with revamping their online presence, the Bureau has put up “Welcome to Oakdale” banners along First, Second, and Third avenues – and Dumas said this is only the beginning. The banners will soon be expanded to all of F Street and Yosemite Avenue, from A to J streets, and along Oak and Magnolia to greet visitors.

The Bureau is currently making plans for and actively promoting the second annual “Western Days” festival in October. On their website,, you can find an array of links and information for Oakdale attractions, whether it be finding restaurants or figuring out what to do while in town – a help for locals and visitors alike.


Dumas commented that visitors driving through Oakdale often take F Street and turn left onto Yosemite Avenue to reach their outside destinations. By stringing up lights, banners, and promoting local businesses concentrating at the high traffic area, she and the rest of the OTVB aim to “give them a reason to turn right,” further into town, exploring both the west and east sides of the city.