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Storm Information For Stanislaus County
Stan County

The National Weather Service is showing a number of strong storm systems running through northern California over the next 10 days. There is some important information we would like to share with the public:

Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services will be posting updates to the public and media via Twitter and Facebook using the handle StanEmergency.

Rivers, streams and creeks are starting to run high. It is important for people to avoid getting close to rivers, streams and creeks as they are cold, flowing fast and many have debris in them.

To help street drainage, please keep storm drains clear of debris and leaves.

Please do not drive through flooded streets and places where creeks or rivers are flowing across roads.

When driving, use headlights, allow extra time and slow down.

To find information on sandbags in Stanislaus County or to report flooded streets or broken tree limbs, go to and click on the Weather Information graphic.

It’s always good to have a personal emergency plan. For details, you can go to


To register for emergency notifications in Stanislaus County, go to