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Rare Cold Snap Brings Snow Flurries, Frost
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While snow flurries in the high country isn’t cause for much hoopla, when the white stuff started to fall in Oakdale and throughout the Central Valley it was enough to stop people from working and caused students to stare out the windows in awe.

That’s exactly what happened Monday, Dec. 7 as a rare cold snap brought freezing temperatures and a light dusting of snowfall to the flatlands.

Although it wasn’t enough to warrant staying off the roads or closing down the schools — unlike the schools in Auburn and Mariposa — it was a welcome and delightful change in scenery for most residents. Temperatures hovered in the 30s and 40s and the following morning, frost blanketed the area, lending the appearance of a winter wonderland even if it only lasted until mid morning on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service issued a freeze warning for the area and ice patches made for dangerous driving conditions. Another storm — though not nearly as cold — is expected to blow in by Thursday and last until Saturday.