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Oakdale Rotary Club Eyes Gazebo Revamp
Gazebo 2-20
The gazebo at Wood Park was a gift by the Oakdale Rotary Club in 1990. It was refurbished by the club in 2007 and is in need of another renovation due to removed and vandalized rail slats and weeds growing in the area. - photo by RICHARD PALOMA/The Leader

After putting in a gazebo at C.E. Wood Park at a cost of $30,000 for the City of Oakdale in 1990, the Oakdale Rotary Club is looking at overhauling the wood marquee in favor of wrought iron or some other substance due to the neglect and vandalism it has had to endure.

The Oakdale Rotary Club previously refurbished the site in 2007 with new paint and some board repair.

The Wood Park fixture now shows weeds growing around it, damaged and removed slats along its railing, and has become a refuge for the homeless during inclement weather.

“Here we are four to five years later with kicked out planks, disgusting waste surrounding it, and weeds growing all around,” Rotary Club Member Frank Clark said. “We’re looking at putting in wrought iron rails and planks. Hopefully, that’ll be indestructible.”

Clark also said the Oakdale Community Garden Club was going to get involved with planting shrubbery and some landscape maintenance.

“Between the two organizations, we’d like to put it back as a beautiful site for the park,” Clark said.

A plaque at the front of the gazebo denotes the gift made to the city.

“With the Rotary name on it, we feel responsible for its appearance,” said Clark, who indicated the city has not taken care of it, most likely due to its current financial problems.

Clark said the renovation will cost approximately $2,000 and be completed around April.