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New Name, Same Undertaking


What is in a name?

For a local organization striving to beautify the city they live in, by any other name would still not change the mission they undertake.

After a year of providing community service with projects ranging from painting over graffiti, weed abatement, hauling trash and more at many locations throughout the community, the former Love Oakdale is now known as #Oakdalecares.

“We got a new sponsor and with it came a name change,” said group organizer Mike Hancock. “We still plan on hosting our fall event and moving forward.”

Hancock said that the original Love Oakdale developed out of the Love Modesto clean up that had been operating for about five years though a church organization. Through that organization Love Oakdale was sponsored by the Oakdale Ministerial Association. A few weeks ago they got word that the association wasn’t going to be able to sponsor them for their fall project.

“The ‘Love Your City’ group owns the name,” Hancock said. “It’s unfortunate that this time they couldn’t make it happen, but they inspired us.”

Hancock said at a meeting the volunteer group brainstormed possible names and came up with the #Oakdalecares name.
“The hashtag was important to the younger members,” Hancock said. “Many of us over 50 didn’t know the significance.”

The hashtag symbol has grown with the popularity of social networks such as Twitter as a means for identifying important parts of messages.

With the assistance of Mayor Pat Paul, Hancock said they were able to get the Oakdale Travel and Visitors Bureau to sponsor their group.

“We’re trying to do this without tapping into anyone’s money,” said Hancock. “I think we’re going to be able to do this without any financing.”

Those interested in participating in the #Oakdalecares Oct. 5 event should meet at Wood Park at 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event or pre-register at their website at

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