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Neighbors Voice Concerns Regarding Atlas Roundabout
Neighbors listen to officials at a backyard meeting on Friday evening, discussing the proposed roundabout at Atlas Road as part of the North County Corridor project. Photo Contributed

A neighborhood meeting on Friday, May 6 focused on a proposed roundabout at Atlas Rd/Highway 108-120/the North County Corridor. The neighborhoods of East Oakdale are worried by the proposal of connecting the North County Corridor to Hwy 108/120 with a large roundabout at Atlas Road.

An estimated 150 people attended a backyard meeting on Friday to express their concerns and learn more about the possible effects on their daily lives. Supervisor Bill O’Brien, Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, Public Works Director Matt Machado, and Oakdale City Councilman J.R. McCarty attended in order to answer questions, share information, and learn how their constituents felt about the project.

The overwhelming feeling was the connector closer to Lancaster Road should be chosen, as fewer people will be affected by the noise and air pollution caused by jake brakes and tire scrub, noted attendee Katherine Poteet. She said attendees also agreed that this connection will also help mitigate the dangerous intersection with Wamble Road, and let people from Orange Blossom to Deo Gloria be able to get into downtown Oakdale to shop on busy weekends.