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Need New Team
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Dear Editor,

What have we gained by the experience of Team Jackson (Farrell Jackson, Tom Dunlop and Kathy Morgan) over the past 10 years? Mr. Jackson has pointed out the fact that Oakdale has an unstable city budget. Well guess what this did not just happen overnight. Under Team Jackson, city department heads were allowed to create a collective bargaining agreement in which they made over $100,000 a year. When these department head employees were terminated or resigned, Oakdale paid out over $100,000. Over $300,000 has been paid in outside lawyers, all the while Oakdale is paying the salary and retirement benefits for a part time city attorney.

Five police officers were laid off and Mr. Jackson did not support Measure “O.” If Mr. Jackson has ideas on how to help Oakdale, why has he been waiting for an election? There are reported problems with the funds to pay for the waste water treatment plant, and Fire Station #2. The “Hershey” visitor center is now closed. How many thousands of dollars did Oakdale spend to gut that building to erect glass office space with a nice wooden dance floor? I could go on and on, the bottom line is Team Jackson has had their turn. Let’s move from the negativity and the toxic environment Team Jackson has grown to represent. Oakdale’s children’s future is more important than feeding these egos. Mr. Murray you should have been doing your job as city treasurer. Not reviewing 18 months of city treasurer reports is indefensible. Oakdale get out and vote. Please vote for a clean slate.

Michael Eggener,

Citizen and home owner