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Mountain Lion Confirmed In East Oakdale
Mtn Lion-Goat
Turkey buzzards surround a goat carcass that was left out by Fish and Game wardens in the 9900 block of Dillwood Avenue where a mountain lion was sighted on Oct. 15. A camera was set up which caught the mountain lion revisiting the carcass that evening. RICHARD PALOMA/ The Leader


California Fish and Game authorities confirmed the existence of a mountain lion prowling the area of Oakdale, east of the city limits.

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, Cheryl Jericoff reported a mountain lion killed a goat from their herd on her east Oakdale property in the 9900 block of Dillwood Avenue, approximately two miles outside the city.

Jericoff said her husband, Steve, saw the mountain lion around 6 a.m. running from a grazing pasture they have for their goats. The mountain lion was seen headed towards a gated neighborhood area near Dixon Road and White Oak Drive. Her husband later came across one of their goats that was dead with a neck wound.

“The goat was healthy the night before,” Jericoff said. “It was one of our older, slower goats and we put two and two together and figured the mountain lion got it.”

The Jericoffs notified the California Department of Fish and Game and wardens responded.

According to Jerricoff, game wardens did not find any mountain lion tracks and when they examined the goat carcass, didn’t find any other signs associated with a mountain lion attack such as bruising or clawing on its back.

“The best we can figure is maybe the mountain lion scared the goat and it somehow impaled itself when trying to get away,” Jericoff said.

Wardens left the goat’s carcass in the field with some of its internal organs left out to attract the critter with a nocturnal camera set up to film any activity.  

That evening Jericoff posted advisements on various social media about the mountain lion in the area to warn her neighbors.

On Thursday morning, Oct. 16, Fish and Game wardens were visible in the neighborhood.

California Fish and Game Warden Hugh Rutherford stated that the previous night’s recording was reviewed which showed the goat’s carcass was visited by a few foxes and one mountain lion.

Rutherford said they also had a report in the morning of another goat missing from its herd from a different property in the location.

“It might be the one that hit this one,” Rutherford said, “but there’s another goat carcass around here most likely.”

Rutherford said it is not uncommon for mountain lions to be seen and heard in the area near the Stanislaus River that runs near the properties.

Anyone seeing a mountain lion in the area should call Fish and Game at (559) 243-3911. If the mountain lion poses an immediate threat notify the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department at (209) 552-3911.4005