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Midday Crash Snarls Traffic
A tow truck loads the damaged car onto a flatbed while a firefighter waits to do some more clean up at the site of a midday accident in Oakdale along Yosemite Avenue on Thursday. Marg Jackson/The Leader


A crash just before noon on North Yosemite Avenue, near the main intersection with F Street, saw traffic tied up while crews tended to one person who went to the hospital and cleaned up debris from the accident.

Oakdale Police and Fire departments were both on scene, with it appearing as though a vehicle pulled out into traffic but struck the back end of a truck. Damage to the front end of the car was extensive, with the air bag deployed, and authorities said that driver was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. A second big rig, apparently seeing the stopped traffic ahead, attempted a right turn on to East E Street from Yosemite but got hung up on making the tight turn and became entangled in overhanging tree branches.

That caused an additional back up in traffic, and officers had to direct motorists around both incidents at the height of the busy lunch hour downtown.