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Leader Seeks Sharing Of Stories
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With California in the midst of one of the worst fire seasons on record – and more wildfires seeming to arise almost daily – there aren’t many people that haven’t been touched by the tragedies.

Word this week of the devastation at The Dardanelles Resort along Highway 108, which was previously owned by longtime Valley Home residents Chuck and Cindy Fleischer, has struck particularly close to home.

The Leader is looking for input from readers regarding the fires, whether you or your service club, church or organization is involved in a drive to collect items to help the fire victims or if you just want to share memories of times spent at the Dardanelles or other impacted areas. Firefighters continue to battle the blazes and the recovery process will be lengthy. Sharing memories of good times can help start the healing, and helping those in need in the fire-devastated areas can also be beneficial, as it provides a constructive way to make a difference.

Send your information to Editor Marg Jackson either via email, or mail it in or drop it off at The Oakdale Leader office, 122 S. Third Ave., Oakdale.