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Free Heirloom Seed Swap Slated
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With the lack of water and the price of vegetables going up, a garden is going to be more important this year. This may be the year to join the Riverbank Heirloom Garden Club. With heirloom seeds you can save your own seed and plant them year after year. When stored properly the seeds will keep for years. Don’t know how to save the seeds? The Heirloom Garden Club members can show you how. These heirloom seeds have adapted to Stanislaus County as they have been grown here for years. Through the years garden club members have selected the fruit seed according to size and taste.

Remember those pink hard tasteless hybrid tomatoes you bought at the store? Well, heirloom tomatoes are soft, juicy, great tasting and have thin easy to peel skins, club members said. Some are meaty and have very few seeds; some of the varieties you can’t buy at the store and they are always picked fresh right off the vine.

Don’t know how to plant or grow a garden? Club members can help you. You can grow a big garden or just a tomato or two, or you can grow a garden designed to teach your children or grandchildren about where their food is grown. Many children have never eaten any fruits that are ripe right off the tree or vine.

All interested in learning more about the Heirloom Garden Club and taking part in the seed swap are invited to join them on Sunday, April 6 at 2 p.m.

No cost to attend the swap and the club itself is also totally free, no dues, no elected officials, no meetings to attend. You just need a desire to grow a garden. For more information or directions to the meeting, call Terry at 869-1325.