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Four Locals May Sit On Civil Grand Jury

The Stanislaus County Superior Court announced that the 2016-2017 Civil Grand Jury will be sworn in and seated later this month, naming four Oakdale residents that will be part of those names up for selection.

The Civil Grand Jury is empowered to investigate complaints from citizens, civic groups, government employees and others about the operations of county and city governments, including school districts and other special districts and the conduct of their officers and employees.

According to a court press release, judges and court administrators interviewed all qualified applicants and selected 30 names to be drawn from on Monday, June 27 for final the make-up of the civil grand jury.

The named 19 grand jury members and also four alternates will then serve a one-year term from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

The four Oakdale residents named are Melvin Bradley, Jarrold Fouts, Michael Hancock and Glenn White.

The press release stated that after the selection and swearing-in ceremony, the incoming grand jury panel will attend an orientation beginning at 9 a.m. Grand jurors also are required to attend a two-day training session presented by the California Grand Jury Association on July 13-14.

The Civil Grand Jury is deemed “the guardian of public trust in local government.” This is known as the “Civil Watchdog” function. The grand jury exists to assure honest and efficient government.

Criminal indictments are now handled solely by the Criminal Grand Jury. The creation of a two-grand-jury system enables the Civil Grand Jury more time to focus on its oversight function.