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Farmers Market Promises Something for Everyone
sons farm
Maybe it’s the yummy spread or summer heat, but local kids couldn’t help but take a bite out of their purchase from Sons Farm Fresh before they’d even finished their transaction. Autumn Neal/The Leader

Need something to do on your Wednesday evenings? Look no further than the Oakdale Farmers Market located on downtown North 3rd Avenue.

“Y’know when it’s one hundred degrees?” Glenn Cooper, the man behind the market, asked, referring to the recent sweltering heat. “Somehow, we always have a breeze down there.”

Shaded by the buildings of local businesses and timed perfectly between 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. when the humid weather is just beginning to cool, the farmers market has a prime position. Families often bring their children and pets to join them on an evening out to the market and each establishment hosts their customers under pop-up tents. 

As for the market’s contents, Cooper noted that they have just about everything you could ask for at a farmers market: blossoming flowers, sweet fruit, fresh pastries, locally-grown vegetables, handcrafted jewelry, candles, tea blends, and more. 

“You can get everything fresh here,” Cooper continued, “fresher than the grocery store and without the pesticides.”

Moreover, vendors are able to bring their own unique twist to the market, whether that’s being able to easily create a custom piece for a shopper or offer hybrid fruits like pluerries (a mix of plums and cherries). Even if you don’t end up making your purchases at the farmers market, there’s a good chance you’ll still end up with these locally-grown delicacies. 

“We’re a certified organization and have been raising in Oakdale for six years,” Heather Crooker, with E&H Farms noted of their organic gourmet mushrooms. She explained they sold their mushrooms in places like the Bay Area, but also help supply the Oakdale Country Club.

Vendors like Sons Farm Fresh also offer a variety of different produce. With around 60 different varieties of tomatoes and 30 different varieties of peppers, businesses like these are working hard to make sure they keep a diverse spread. 

For those hoping for a full meal, the market also offers barbecue and even a mobile pizza van that makes their dishes on the spot. You can even indulge in specialty products like glasswork, homemade soaps, local jam, and whatever else the rotating vendors have to offer.

The businesses on Third Avenue are also open during the market and often have their doors open for customers to come in and peruse their stock. Cooper noted that it's typically restaurants’ best nights to see so many people come through. 

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