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Doornenbal Wins OID, Gilbert Unseats Jones
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San Joaquin County voters swung the vote in favor of Herman Doornenbal of Escalon to take the Oakdale Irrigation District Division 2 seat.

The official Stanislaus County results show Doornenbal with 291 votes, trailing his opponent by four votes, but he also received 126 San Joaquin County votes, bringing his overall total to 417 votes to win the election.

Stanislaus results showed Patricia Foard of Valley Home as having 295 votes; however, she received only 30 of the San Joaquin County votes, bringing her total to 325 votes.

The Division 2 seat had been held by Tony Taro who is stepping down after many years of service on the board.

Three seats in Area 2 for the Oakdale Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees were up for election, with four candidates vying for the positions. Diane Gilbert was the challenger against three incumbents, and led the election vote totals.

Gilbert received 2,621 votes in Stanislaus County and 34 votes from San Joaquin County, totaling 2,655 votes. Incumbent Mike House gathered 2,528 votes in Stanislaus plus 25 San Joaquin votes, totaling 2,553 votes. Incumbent William W. Dyer collected 2,439 votes in Stanislaus plus 17 votes from San Joaquin for a total of 2,456 votes to capture the third available seat.

Rick W. Jones did not succeed in his bid to continue to serve on the OJUSD board. He gathered 2,307 votes in Stanislaus plus 23 San Joaquin votes, for a total of 2,330 votes.

Stanislaus County information showed that Write-Ins for the OJUSD board race accounted for 47 total votes, .47 percent of the votes. There were nine “Over Votes,” meaning nine ballots showed votes for too many candidates. Meanwhile, “Under Votes” totaled 2,693, meaning that only one or two candidates were selected on those ballots. There were 48 “Under Votes” submitted by San Joaquin voters, for a total of 2,741 under votes.

Stanislaus County Clerk Recorder and Registrar of Voters Lee Lundrigan announced the Consolidated District Election canvass of the vote was completed Monday, Nov. 16. Stanislaus County certified its election results which can be found posted on the election website,

California law required certification of this election to take place next week on or before Nov. 23, which is 20 days following Election Day. This was a district election and did not include all of Stanislaus County, but did include portions of San Joaquin and Merced counties.

The certification of the vote includes an official summary of the results, including a tally of votes conducted by Stanislaus County for two contests shared with San Joaquin County, and the certified results received from Merced County, which includes their tally of two contests, which overlapped county boundaries and were shared between the counties. In those races all results from each of the counties involved must be viewed and combined to establish total votes received for affected candidates.

Stanislaus had 209,110 registered voters eligible to cast their ballot in this election, of which 47,587 voted. There were 38,887 ballots cast by mail in Stanislaus County compared with only 8,700 Stanislaus voters going to the polls on Election Day. Voter turnout was 22.76 percent in this election.