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California Grape Growers Award Eight Scholarships
ca grapes

California’s table grape growers recently awarded scholarships to eight students in grape-growing regions of the state. All recipients will be attending California universities or colleges.

Five field worker scholarships were awarded in 2018: two $3,500 two-year scholarships to community colleges, and three $20,000 four-year field worker scholarships. Three $20,000 four-year agricultural scholarships were also awarded in 2018.

Since 1985, the California Table Grape Commission has awarded scholarships to children of table grape field workers. More than 130 students have received scholarships to attend vocational schools, community colleges, and California universities.

Eight years ago, the commission created a new scholarship program, one designed to encourage those who want to study and work in the agriculture industry with an emphasis in the table grape industry. To date the program has helped 24 students attend four-year California universities.