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A Local Kentucky Derby Experience
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          Spend the day at the Turlock Turf Club on Saturday, May 5 for the Kentucky Derby.

Come to the Turlock Turf Club to place your bets on the Kentucky Derby through satellite wagering. Turlock Turf Club is located on Soderquist Rd. at the Turlock Fairgrounds. Doors open at   8 a.m. Admission into the Turf Club is $3.50 per person. Turlock Turf Club provides a menu and bar operated by Smokies Firehouse at the Track.

Horse racing at California’s county and district fairs is rich in tradition and history. With its roots established long before the turn of the century, horse racing and fairs have been synonymous over the years. Since the legalization of pari-mutual wagering in 1933, fair racing has gone through many changes and evolved into what we know it to be today.
            The tradition continues at the Stanislaus County Fair at the Turlock Turf Club! Try your luck and have some fun! Must be 18 or older to place bets. California Horse Racing Board passes are recognized.