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Knights Ferry News 5-6-20
Nastasia Sweet

May is graduation month at Knights Ferry School and the 8th graders would normally spend their last month participating in numerous 8th grader traditions such as the 8th grade trip, finalizing their class wills, and preparing their speeches for graduation. As most of you know, the year 2020 has been anything but “normal” but it has encouraged our community to find creative ways to celebrate the 8th grade graduates as they prepare to move on to the next chapter of life, high school! Check back each week to read about a few of the 8th grade graduating class. There are eleven 8th grade graduates at Knights Ferry; Chloe Barth, Cheyanne Black, David Chiara, Colby Crofts, Levi Dickens, Danyca Donahue, Molly Link, Aubrey Mendonca, Wyatt Sousa, Austin Swier, and Madison Watson. This week we will celebrate Aubrey Mendonca, Chloe Barth, and Maddy Watson.

Aubrey Mendonca began Knights Ferry School in Kindergarten. Aubrey’s mom, grandma, and great grandma all graduated from Knights Ferry School! After Aubrey graduates high school, she wants to join the military. One of her favorite memories at Knights Ferry School was taking an 8th grade group picture in the bell tower. If Aubrey was given a million dollars, she would build a new house, buy horses, and horse stuff. Her favorite hobby is horseback riding!

Chloe Barth came to Knights Ferry School in 8th grade. When asked how she would spend a million dollars, she would split it with close family then with her share she would save for college and save the rest for her future. I was impressed with her choices, it shows that she is a compassionate and mature young lady! Her favorite hobby is horseback riding. Chloe was looking forward to the traditional 8th grade trip as one of her final Bobcat memories.

Maddy Watson began at Knights Ferry School in Kindergarten. One of her favorite memories at Knights Ferry School was in second grade with her friend, Layla. They went outside to play in the puddles but when they saw they were frozen, the girls slid around on them and fell down laughing! I asked Maddy to list 5 items she would take on a deserted island and she listed: a car, a gas tank, lots of water, food, and friend to bring 5 more items. Maddy cleverly found a loop hole to bring more than 5 items. Maddy will miss everyone at Knights Ferry, including the teachers.

Next week, we will celebrate three more Knights Ferry School 8th grade graduates!


On Saturday May 2, my dad, Bill Martinelli was called to Heaven after 85 years of an exciting and wonderful life. Most people know him as a rough and tough cowboy. He made it to the NFR 8 times, rode broncs in Madison Square Garden, in Europe, for the Queen of England, and was able to score on some of the toughest broncs around. He grew up across the street from the beautiful beaches in Playa del Ray during WWII and would collect aircraft pieces and enemy helmets that would wash ashore as young boy, he stole a Korean jeep during his tour in Korea with the Army, and was named to the All-Western team (an elite group of high school football players in the LA area). But to this date, he is probably the only person I know who got kicked out of Kindergarten for fighting! From commercial fisherman to movie actor, he always strived to live a life full of experiences.

There will be a celebration of life down the road. My mom has been the light of his life ever since they married in Tijuana nearly 50 years ago and they raised the four of us girls together in Knights Ferry. I will miss him so much.


It is wonderful to see the community support the local eateries. They are the small businesses who really need our support to keep their doors open. Cher Bairos visited and did a “Facebook Live” promotion in Knights Ferry. She interviewed Ron with Spoons, Kaeli with the Knights Ferry Creamery, Manny at the 50s Roadhouse, and even stopped by to check out The Rivers Edge! Thank you, Cher for making a special visit to our small town!


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