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Finally! Following last year’s temporary closure of the Knights Ferry post office, the post office was officially granted an annual contract rather than a month to month temporary contract. Postmistress Dolly Haskell made countless phone calls, completed numerous paper packets, performed scores of negotiations, and fulfilled many modern improvements required to keep our post office open.

Often times, our town is faced with an uphill battle to prove our significance to larger organizations and without people like Dolly and the Miller’s Hall Museum and Associates, our post office would cease to exist.

In the next few months look for the post office to provide services such as metered mail and completing purchases using a debit card. Please take time to purchase your stamps at the Knights Ferry post office.


Did you know the post office was originally inside the Knights Ferry General Store? The first postmaster was George Valpey when he became a Wells Fargo agent. According to the town’s sesquicentennial souvenir booklet, the company installed wooden pigeon holes for packages and letters that came by stage coach.


Deagan and Jason Sweet camped with Boy Scout Troop 43 in Yosemite for the weekend. They completed a 20-mile hike that included the Panorama trail. Deagan was the youngest scout to complete the hike with the group. The Troop started at 8 a.m. and those that completed the entire hike finished around 5 p.m.! Their final day included a service project around the campsites in Yosemite.



The General Store is hosting a book sale to help raise money to start a children’s art program. Please bring any books you are willing to donate to the General Store during their hours of operation.