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Halloween Homes Tour Final Route Info Listed
Home tour halloween

With more entries than ever before, residents are definitely in a Halloween decorating mood around the Oakdale community.

Coordinator Amy Velasco said homes, businesses, porches, and lawns were all accepted as entries to showcase this year in the Halloween decorating tour, with residents able to drive the tour route from Friday, Oct. 28 through Halloween on Monday, Oct. 31.

The 2022 list of houses that are decorated especially for the Halloween driving tour is posted and are listed in order from one side of town to the other, creating an easy-to-follow route.

The houses on the registered list begin on the west end of town and include: 676 Branding Iron Street, 582 Branding Iron, 585 Branding Iron, 577 Branding Iron, 586 Stetson Drive, 594 Stetson, 712 Stetson, 1232 Bluegrass Court, 673 Ranger Street, 678 Ranger and 645 Ranger.

Also, 618 Hudson Avenue, 1740 Vintage Circle, 1751 Vintage, 1767 Vintage, 1806 Packsaddle Street, 1796 Parkside Way, 1772 Parkside, 1760 Parkside, 1712 Parkside, 1920 Calumet Way, 779 Three Chimneys Way, 622 Albanian Drive.

Continuing on, head to 2201 Mustang Drive, 2220 Mustang, 2205 Campolina Way, 2248 Campolina, 519 Odin Court, 530 Messara Court, 2539 Morgan Street, 547 Criolla Court, 2891 Greger, 692 Chestnut Drive, 2953 Granger, 2818 Tioga, 2908 Westport Circle, 2824 Westport Circle.

Also, 32 Reed Road, 61 Obsidian Drive, 50 Willowood, 1699 West J, 1259 West H, 205 East H, 835 Villa Vista Court, 808 Boyd Drive, 650 North Third, 920 River Bluff Drive, 1265 River Bluff, 1367 Sand Hill Court, 1493 Tumbleweed Court, 385 South Maag, 9900 Mountain Oak Road, 10620 Rio Sombra, 10001 Plaza Del Oro.

It is recommended to visit the houses after it gets dark for the best experience, the house decorations will stay on display from Oct. 28 until Oct. 31, with optimum viewing hours from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

It was not a decorating contest for any prizes, Velasco stressed, but just a fun activity to spread the Halloween fun from block to block.

“One house (owner) told me that before she signed up, she got three or four kids on

This year, Velasco is also tentatively planning a Christmas decoration viewing event as well.