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City Manager Gets Pay Raise
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The Oakdale City Council voted unanimously Monday, April 18 to raise City Manager Bryan Whitemyer’s base salary to $176,951. Whitemyer’s previous pay was $160,500 annually.

According to City Attorney Tom Hallinan the city council recently reviewed Whitemyer’s performance through an annual review process and determined that he had performed well in his management of the operations of the city.

When Whitemyer was hired in February 2013, Oakdale had gone through a series of interim city managers after dismissing Steve Hallam in 2011 and the city was struggling financially. Oakdale had laid off employees, cut emergency services, street lighting and sweeping, and threatened closure of its senior center and the city found itself with more expenditures than revenues.

Under Whitemyer’s guidance, the city has been able to recover with the passage of sales tax measures, acquiring grants, and smart financial planning resulting in services being restored and even certain departments getting additional manpower to replace what was removed years ago.

Six months ago Whitemyer reported that the previous year’s budget had $616,894 higher revenues than foreseen and, despite the higher income and revenues, the city spending was $302,799 less than anticipated – nearly a $1 million variance for coffers in the city’s favor.

“He has done a fantastic job getting us back to financial health,” Oakdale Mayor Pat Paul said about Whitemyer. “A city needs a strong city manager and Bryan fits that category. This (pay increase) solidifies him here for another four years.”

In addition to his salary, Whitemyer also will receive $400 a month as a car allowance, an $85 monthly “smart phone” allowance, and the city will contribute 10 percent of his salary ($17,695) annually to a deferred compensation account. The contract also gives him the same retirement, health, dental, and vision benefits that are presently provided to other city employees.