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The 20 colleges that will make your child the happiest
The Princeton Review released its annual rankings of colleges, including which schools had the happiest students. - photo by Herb Scribner
College can sometimes be a daunting place for new students. The New York Times reported in late July that the pressure to be perfect on college campuses has pushed some students to end their lives, or suffer from mental health issues, like depression.

Schools like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have worked to encourage positive student behavior and cut down on suicides, as my colleague Eric Schulzke reported.

Some schools, though, have been doing that for several years. On Tuesday morning, the Princeton Review released its annual rankings of all colleges in the United States, including which universities have the happiest students and promote the happiest way of life.

Heres a look at the 20 colleges with the happiest students.

1. Vanderbilt University

The Nashville, Tennessee, college also ranked in the top 20 colleges with the best alumni network and best financial aid.

2. Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech has a popular reputation throughout the nation, mostly for its athletics.

3. Claremont McKenna College

The California college is known for its brilliant professors and perfect weather, according to the Princeton Review.

4. Kansas State University

Like Virginia Tech, KSU is widely known for its athletic facilities, especially its powerhouse college basketball team. The school also promotes a family atmosphere that embraces community outreach, according to the Princeton Review.

5. St. Marys College of Maryland

This school with less than 2,000 students tends to enroll students with high academic standing. It was also included in the Princeton Reviews list of colleges that have the best return on investment.

6. University of Dayton

This Roman Catholic university has just over 8,000 students, but its got a widespread reputation, mostly because of its college basketball team, the Dayton Flyers. The school also offers one of the top entrepreneurial programs in the country, according to the Princeton Review.

7. Clemson University

The public research university has more than 17,000 students and promotes service, teaching and research for all of its students.

8. Whitman College

Students will find a more relaxed atmosphere at Whitman College, where the education is rigorous but laid back, according to the Princeton Review.

9. Rice University

Rice University is yet another small university it has just under 4,000 students but students often praise the schools teachers for their approachable attitudes, according to the Princeton Review.

10. Tulane University

This New Orleans university also ranked as one of the top colleges for quality of life, according to the Princeton Review.

11. Auburn University

Auburn University, which was created during the Civil War, has more than 20,000 students and often promotes its historical beginnings, according to the Princeton Review.

12. University of California-Santa Barbara

Sun, surf and a safe campus that makes UCSB students happy to be there, according to the Princeton Review. The school also has one of the best chemical engineering programs in the United States.

13. Yale University

Bookworms rejoice. This Connecticut university not only boasts an amazing education, but it also has one of the best college newspapers in the country.

14. Washington State University

This Washington school actively promotes student involvement on campus. The Princeton Review said WSUs friendly, spirited environment increases student happiness.

15. Southern Methodist University

SMU is known for its beautiful campus and its impressive student culture.

16. Washington College

Washington College has some historical beginnings it was the first college chartered in the United States with the goal of promoting democracy. The school is now one of the best in the Northeast, according to the Princeton Review.

17. Loyola Marymount University

Loyola is a private, Jesuit college in Los Angeles that encourages leadership and service from all of its students.

18. Middlebury College

This New England college is one of the most highly regarded liberal arts colleges in the country, according to the Princeton Review. It offers one of the best classroom experiences and college libraries, too.

19. Colby College

Middlebury isnt the only New England liberal arts college to make the list. Colby College in Maine often attracts students who love the outdoors and are often self-motivated to complete their school work, according to the Princeton Review.

20. Gettysburg College

Talk about a school with some history. More than a school with direct ties to the Civil War, Gettysburg also has good dining and top-level athletic facilities, according to the Princeton Review.