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Technology Hall Of Fame
Women in tech

WITI, Women in Technology International, the leading advocate for innovation, inclusivity and STEAM, has announced five exceptional women inductees for their contributions in science and technology. They will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at WITI’s annual Women in Technology Summit, June 9 through 11, in San Jose, CA.

The 2019 distinguished inductees are: Heather Hinton, Ph.D., vice president and distinguished engineer, IBM; Julia Liuson, corporate vice president, Developer Tools, Microsoft; Sara Rushinek, Ph.D., professor, Business Technology and Health Informatics, University of Miami; Natalia Trayanova, Ph.D., professor, Biomedical Engineering and Medicine, Johns Hopkins University; and Blanca Treviño, president and chief executive officer, Softtek.

WITI established this prestigious award 25 years ago to recognize outstanding contributions women have been making in technology and innovation and impacting society and businesses. To date, more than 135 trailblazers have been inducted into the Women in Technology Hall of Fame.

“We launched the Women in Technology Hall of Fame in 1996 – at a time when there were no platforms showcasing the contributions of women in technology,” said Carolyn Leighton, CEO and founder, WITI. “Since then, more than 100 exceptional women have been selected for this award. These Women in Technology Hall of Fame inductees inspire future generations to reach higher, push boundaries, and create breakthroughs that will positively impact our future.”