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Schools Get $1.3 Billion In Lottery Funds
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State Controller John Chiang announced Sept. 28 that payments from the Lottery Education Fund to school districts, educational institutions and state agencies for the 2011-12 fiscal year totaled $1.32 billion.

Stanislaus County schools received about $19.7 million. According to the state controller’s office, from 1985/1986 to the present, Oakdale elementary schools received $4 million and the high school has received $3.2 million.

Susan Dyke, Oakdale Joint Unified School District Chief Business Officer, reported that OJUSD receives funds from two different lottery sources, one is “unrestricted” and the other must be used on instructional materials (Prop. 20).

She said that for 2011-2012, total unrestricted monies OJUSD received were $676,473, of that amount $8,935 was for Oakdale Charter High School. In the restricted or Prop. 20 funds, OJUSD received a total $171,170, of that $2,252 went to Oakdale Charter High School.

Payments to K-12 schools and community colleges are made to county treasurers, who then distribute the money to school districts. Funds for the University of California and Hastings College of the Law are sent directly to those institutions. The funds for state departments are deposited directly into their accounts.

The Controller’s Office makes quarterly payments based on Lottery income and unclaimed online prizes. For the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, the Controller apportioned $279.1 million from the Lottery Education Fund.