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School Board Reviews District Survey Results

A light agenda made for a short meeting as board members, staff and community members gathered for the monthly Oakdale Joint Unified board meeting Monday night.

Oakdale Educational Foundation (OEF) President Ted Thome addressed the board, prior to the approval of consent items and reports reviewed by the board.

Thome stated OEF, a non-profit comprised of parents and community volunteers, is currently in its 14th year of existence. He said to date, OEF has given over $1 million in funds to the district, by way of a grant process.

At the conclusion of Thome’s presentation a check totaling over $13,000 was presented to Superintendent of Schools Marc Malone for the Oakdale School Farm.

Assistant Superintendent, Kristi Rapinchuk offered a detailed report on the Annual Accountability Update. Overhead projector difficulties presented a challenge for the attending audience to follow along with the data. Rapinchuk explained the variables in depth to make up for the malfunction.

The assistant superintendent shared details of each category in detail to survey’s given to educators, parents of OJUSD students, as well as the students themselves. The category which received the most board inquiry was that completed by parents.

Rapinchuk reported the following of parents responding to the survey: 94 percent of parents were aware of school functions; 89 percent attend back to school night; 39 percent are involved in their child’s school or school committee; 86 percent reported they felt the district met or exceeds communication on students’ academic progress and 71 percent feel there is adequate access to support the student is struggling academically.

Board member Mike House questioned the 39 percent of parent involvement and if this is considered a “good” number.

“That’s a good number,” Rapinchuk said, “because these would be (parents) not just involved in events in school but in a leadership capacity.”

Board member Diane Gilbert followed House’s inquiry, questioning the 71 percent pleased with access to academic supports. The board member noted this left 29 percent not feeling supported.

“That’s a big number,” Gilbert said. “What are we doing about that?”

Rapinchuk agreed with Gilbert’s concern, noting that the district is in its first year of a district wide learning lab implementation.

“This is the first year we’ve been able to standardize the placement method,” she said. “The curriculum being offered and the monitoring of growth. Currently it’s a reading intervention.”

Once this is established she noted mathematics will be added.

Student board member Russell Pabalan echoed Rapinchuk, offering the high school’s proactive approach in making tutoring accessible to all students on campus.

Cloverland students London Pattan Mitchell, Samantha Powell and Alicia Clark began the Monday night meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance.


December’s board meeting will be hosted on Monday, Dec. 11 at the Oakdale City Council Chambers. Public meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.