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Paleontologist To Speak At MJC
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The Associated Students of Modesto Junior College will present “An Evening with Neil Shubin,” on April 19 from 5p.m. to 6p.m. in the Auditorium of the Performing and Media arts Center. Dr. Shubin is an American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science writer.

Paleontologists suggest that representative of the transitions between non-tetrapod vertebrates (fish) such as Panderichthys, known from fossils 380 million years old, and early tetrapods such as Acanthostega and lchthyostega known from fossils about 365 million years old, that this is a missing link between fish and fish that have emerged on land. The discovery of its mixture of primitive fish and derived tetrapod characteristics lead Shubin to characterize Tiktaalik as a “fishapod”.

Shubin is the Robert R. Bensley Professor of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, an Associate Dean of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, and professor on the Committee of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago and is the Provost of the Field Museum of Natural History. Shubin is well known of his discovery of Tiktaalik roseae.

The presentation is free, open to the public and there will be a book signing following the talk. Campus parking passes are $1 and can be obtained at various ticket dispensers located in the student parking lots.