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Oakdale Teams Earn Top Awards At Science Olympiad
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The Oakdale High School and Oakdale Junior High School are both advancing to the Northern California (NorCal) Science Olympiad competition set for Saturday, April 17 at Clovis North High School in Fresno since recently performing well at the regional competition.

The OHS team won first place at the Regional Science Olympiad and the OJHS team placed third in its division at the regional contest. The OHS team placed third last year and advanced to the state contest, not first place as reported in the March 10 issue of The Leader.

At the event, the OHS team, led by OHS science teachers Cameron Nickerson and Phil Herrick, scored 168 points and the Gold team brought home medals in 15 out of 23 events. The Red team (alternates for the Gold team) entered just one event and earned bronze medals. Every OHS team member earned at least one medal.

OHS team members are Jesse Gelders, Andrew Gilpin, Ryan Gilpin, Kyle Jones, Madison Lane, Valerie Lopez, Todd Medema, Paul Perrone, Donovan Roberts, Pablo Rodriguez, Erika Villa, JT Vizenor, Zachary Webber-Reitz, and Danny Wong.

The OJHS Gold team earned 167 points in their division, and was only seven points behind the first place team. OJHS medaled in 17 of 23 events, bringing home 47 total medals. Medals were won by 24 of 30 OJHS team members. The school sent two teams of 15 students each to the competition, which were led by district science teacher Anne Marie Bergen.

The OJHS students advancing to state level competition are Gold team members Martin Arellano, Adam Beltran, Austin Clayton, Aleksaandra Courtney, Sabrina Franciosa, Cherish Harlan, Gavin Hood, Julianne Kummer, Rachelle Pabalan, Marian Pagaduan, Anna Perrone, Katie Schultz, David Viramontes, Trevor White, and Mabel Wong.

Listed below are the individual results for the OHS team at the Regional Science Olympiad, followed by OJHS results.

Gold Medals

Egg-O-Naut: Kyle Ridneor and Zach Webber-Reitz.

Mission Possible: Todd Medema and Madison Lane.

Technical Problem Solving: Jesse Gelders and Todd Medema.

Silver Medals

Ecology: JT Vizenor, Todd Medema.

Elevated Bridge: Ryan Gilpin, Andrew Gilpin.

Experimental Design: Kyle Ridenour, Zach Webber-Reitz.

Fossils: Donovan Roberts, Paul Perrone.

Mousetrap Vehicle: Ryan Gilpin, Paul Perrone.

Physics Lab: Jesse Gelders, Danny Wong.

Write-it, Do-It: JT Vizenor, Paul Perrone.

Bronze Medals

Write-it, Do-It: Erika Villa, Valerie Lopez (Red team).

Fourth place medals:

Astronomy: Pablo Rodriguez, Donovan Roberts.

Fifth place medals:

Chemistry Lab: Jesse Gelders, Todd Medema.

Disease Detectives: JT Vizenor, Madison Lane.

It’s About Time: Ryan Gilpin, Madison Lane.

Remote Sensing: Madison Lane, Donovan Roberts.


Listed below are the individual results for the OJHS team at the Regional Science Olympiad.

Gold Medals

Disease Detectives: Anna Perrone, Austin Clayton.

Wright Stuff: Katie Schultz, Julianne Kummer.

Silver Medals

Fossils: Jarod LeCouve, Chara Jensen (Red team).

Junkyard Challenge: Katie Schultz, Julianne Kummer.

Pentathlon: Trevor White, Austin Clayton, Rachelle Pabalan, Sabrina Franciosa.

Physical Science: Marian Pagaduan.

Solar System: Emily Bradley, Sabrina Bell (Red team).

Bronze Medals

Bio Process: Cody Peterson, Alida McKeon (Red team).

Fossils: Adam Beltran.

Junkyard Challenge: Alex Keyser, Adam Jensen (Red team).

Meteorology: Rachelle Pabalan, Marian Pagaduan.

Pentathlon: Alex Keyser, Adam Jensen, Doug Taylor, Chase Cunha (Red team).

Physical Science Lab: Emily Bradley, Sabrina Bell (Red team).

Sci Crime Busters: Aleksaandra Courtney.

Write It, Do It: Katie Schultz, Julianne Kummer.

Fourth place medals:

Anatomy: Sabrina Franciosa, Austin Clayton.

Dynamic Planet: David Viramontes, Anna Perrone.

Ecology: Trevor White, Martin Arellano.

Ornithology: Jarod LeCouve, Chara Jensen (Red team).

Fifth place medals:

Can’t Judge Powder: Cherish Harlan, Aleksaandra Courtney.

Compute This: Martin Arellano, Katie Schultz.

Trajectory: Aleksaandra Courtney, Mabel Wong.