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Oakdale School Board Recognizes Excellence


Monday night’s school board meeting was one short on action items, yet high on praise as the Oakdale Joint Unified School Board acknowledged students and staff for academic success.

First up on the agenda was recognition of the reigning Regional Champion Oakdale High School Academic Decathlon Team. The OHS Aca Dec Team has maintained the title for a record breaking 16 years.

“To win this competition 16 times in a row,” Superintendent Marc Malone said during the team introduction, “is no easy feat. This has not set well with some of our neighboring districts. The 16 times is beginning to wear on them.

“So I know they’re upping their game, but despite the fact that they’re upping their game they’re (neighboring districts) still falling short. Our kids are preparing, our kids are performing, our kids are competing and they’ve been coached to do that.”

The nine competing team members were introduced to the board and audience and then properly acknowledged for their achievements. Seven of the nine members on the competing team will be graduating this year.

In addition to the success of the Aca Dec team, OHS’s Occupational Olympics team also had a promising year at regionals and were acknowledged by the board as well.

Prior to formal introduction, Superintendent Malone addressed the topic of Common Core in relation to the student achievements, noting its original name of College and Career Readiness Skills as a more appropriate description.

“I truly believe that if we talk about College and Career Readiness skills, there wouldn’t be any controversy because everybody understands the importance of being college and career ready,” Malone stated.

He added that the district as well as the board has placed emphasis on career education to better serve the overall student body.

“I believe in the history of these two competitions, the Occupational Olympics and the Aca Dec that one school has won the large school division in the Occupational Olympics and in the same year won the Academic Decathlon,” Malone said.

“This is a tremendous job by Oakdale High School,” he continued. “By our students, by our staff and by our administration at the high school. I would be remiss if I didn’t brag on them just a little bit.”

The Third Quarter Developer Fee was the only action item listed on the agenda. Chief Business Manager Susan Dyke reported that fees had been collected on 42 homes, 32 of which were in the Bridle Ridge area. Year over year the development showed an increase of $100,000 collected over third quarter last year.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sierra View students Brook Cadwell, Andrew Onsager, Gianna Nichols and Christian Orozco.


The next meeting will be Monday, May 9 at the OJUSD Tech Center. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.