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New High School Officers Take 2019-20 Posts
Oakdale High School Senior Class Officers welcome a new year as they lead the Class of 2020 through their final year of Oakdale High School. Photographed left to right: Kendra Branch, President; Alisha Martinho, Vice President; Madelynn Goodman, Secretary and Chandler Neal, Treasurer.
Oakdale High School Junior Mustang Officers prepare to represent their distinguished class through athletics and academics. Photographed left to right: Jude Krick, President; Tayler Lamb, Vice President; Charlotte Liekhus, Secretary and Giselle Juarez, Treasurer.
The Oakdale High School graduating class of 2022 will be led by this team of young women as the elected sophomore class officers for the 2019-2020 school year. Photographed left to right: Morgan Dietrich, President; Brooklyn Tolboe, Vice President; Jacqueline Tennis, Secretary and Haleigh Humble, Treasurer.
Officers of the OHS Freshman Class were the most recent of the elected classmates. Photographed clockwise from left to right: John Roche, President; Travis Halter, Vice President; Kylie Nunes, Secretary and Tyler Cooley, Treasurer.

Oakdale High School has installed its class officers, from the senior class to the incoming freshmen. The officers will help lead their individual grade levels through the school year, assisting with coordination of fundraisers and planning some special events. Shown are photos of all the new class officers.