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Hill Takes Seat As Student Board Representative

With one meeting behind him and eight remaining, Zach Hill is well on his way as the 2018-2019 Student Board member for Oakdale Joint Unified School District. The Oakdale High senior was sworn into position during the Aug. 13 OJUSD school board meeting.

Hill brings three years of leadership experience with him, which includes serving as Sophomore Class Treasurer and Junior Class President.

“I wanted to take a role that was above (leadership),” Hill said of pursuing the school board position. “I feel like I can have a larger impact on what happens, not just events.”

Previous student board member Russell Pabalan and friend to Hill offered insight as well as a bit of guidance on what the position will entail. Hill shared he looks forward to building on what his friend established as well as increasing awareness of all school events.

His post high school aspirations include pursuing the Naval Academy or an ROTC Program through the college level, noting a family history in the military as his inspiration.

“I grew up listening to World War II stories from my great grandfather,” he said. “It’s definitely something I want to pursue.”

Long term the senior sees himself taking to the water for a career as well.

“Ultimately I would love to be in maritime business,” he said. “Be a captain of a ship or something like that. I love traveling and I love the ocean.”

For now, Hill has set his focus on his final year at Oakdale High School and bringing past experience to the school board as a benefit to the district and the student body.

“I would have to say resilient,” Hill said, when asked what one word best describes him. “Resilient because throughout my life I’ve gone through a lot of moves. I’ve gone through a lot of knock downs which has taught me really how to get back up and have an optimistic view and just keep working hard.”