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Delta Students Paired With Potential Employers

The latest matchmaking app won’t get Delta College students a date for tonight.

But it might get them a job for tomorrow.

Delta and the Central Mother Lode Regional Consortium recently entered into an agreement with JobSpeaker, an app that allows students and alumni to upload their study areas and skill sets into a database and be “matched” with job opportunities from relevant employers.

Similarly, employers can sign up, post their jobs and be paired with students who will satisfy their workforce needs.

The end result, Delta officials hope, is a platform that will more efficiently allow students and employers to find each other.

It’s free. The college is looking for more students and more employers who would like to participate. You can sign up now.

“There's never been a database like this before. This fills a huge gap,” said Michelle Castanon, program manager at Delta’s Workforce Development Center.

About 55 employers have already signed on, offering jobs across a range of disciplines from health science to agriculture, building trades and arts and communication. There are internships, part-time jobs and full-time jobs. Some are best for graduates, but many are ideal for students who have not yet finished.

“Students will get work-based learning that is relevant to what they’re learning in the classroom,” Castanon said. “And when they graduate, that’s going to make them more of a competitive candidate.”

Among other features:

• Students can scan their “matches” by simply swiping left or right on their phones.

• Students and employers can direct message each other.

• In addition to jobs posted directly by employers, the app also filters jobs from other career search engines.

• It also posts information about Delta College events like job fairs or financial literacy workshops.

To sign up, get the JobSpeaker app from the app store or visit

Employers who have questions about the app should email