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Police Beat 6-13-18

NOTICE: The names and incidents printed in the Police Log are obtained from the daily log of the Oakdale Police Department, which is a public document. The listing of a name here does not imply that person’s guilt or innocence. That can only be determined by a court of law.



4:17 a.m. — Fire reported on South Stearns Road. Brush fire.

8:37a.m. — Vandalism reported on Irvin Drive. Male vandalized a tree at the park.

2:14 p.m. — Trespassing reported on East F Street.

3:38 p.m. — Report of brandishing a weapon at skate park.

7:28 p.m. — Burglary reported on West Greger Street. Two males breaking window and seen going inside vacant residence.



12:05 a.m. — Vehicle reported stolen on East F Street.

10:28 a.m. — Vandalism reported on West Greger Street. Fence cut in the back of business.

11:30 a.m. — Petty theft reported on North Fifth Avenue. Play Station stolen.

6:36 p.m. — Warrant arrest on Loma Lane.

7:16p.m. — Petty theft reported on South Yosemite Avenue. Juveniles broke into the snack shack at the skate park.

9:23 p.m. — Petty theft reported on East J Street. Items taken from storage unit.



12:17 a.m. — Road hazard reported on South Willowood Drive. Tractor trailer stuck in roundabout.

7:54 a.m. — Vandalism reported at the skate park.

1:29 p.m. — Indecent exposure reported on South Street. Neighbor came out of house completely naked.

1:31 p.m. — Petty theft reported on West F Street. ATM card taken from store.

10:37 p.m. — Vehicle fire reported on North Yosemite Avenue. Vehicle on fire.

10:47 p.m. — Warrant arrest on North Second Avenue.



5:21 a.m. — Attempted burglary reported on East F Street. Man attempting to get into east gate of business.

11:18 a.m. — Warrant arrest at Meyer Park.

2:29 p.m. — Complaint reported on South Third Avenue. Mail stolen in the past, cameras caught neighbor going through her mail.

4:11 p.m. — Petty theft reported on Churchill Downs Circle. Gold jewelry went missing from residence.

6:04 p.m. — Fire reported on Albers and Milnes Road.

6:21 p.m. — Battery reported on East F Street.

8:20 p.m. — Battery reported on East F Street.



1:08 a.m. — Warrant arrest on South Second Avenue.

3:21 a.m. — Drug arrest on Pontiac Street.

8:30 a.m. — Suspicious circumstance reported on South Yosemite Avenue. Three males and one female shooting off a gun in the park, shooting toward the railroad tracks.

1:24 p.m. — Battery reported on South Street.

3:16 p.m. — Petty theft reported on North Third Avenue. Scooter taken from the pool.

5:14 p.m. — Burglary reported on Plumcrest Court. Male found in garage.

6:26 p.m. — Petty theft reported on Partridge Square. Community mailbox broken into.



10:57 a.m. — Petty theft reported on Pontiac Street. Backpack taken from the bed of truck.

3:30 p.m. — Report of brandishing a weapon at Dorada Park.

3:57 p.m. — Petty theft reported on East F Street. Vinyl signs taken from front of the building.

6:16 p.m. — Vandalism reported on East G Street. Back fence boards of residence kicked in and dog is missing.

8:45 p.m. — Vandalism reported on Ninth Avenue. Juveniles kicking drop box by building.

10:29 p.m. — Vandalism reported on West F Street. Window broken.