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CITE Team Fans Out To Cover Citywide Beat

Traffic officers from Turlock, Modesto, Ceres, Riverbank and the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office converged in the city to join forces with Oakdale Police on Wednesday morning, Nov. 9 and focused on enforcing traffic laws in needed areas or where there had been complaints.

The Stanislaus County Countywide Integrated Traffic Enforcement Team, a joint agency operation of city traffic units, deploys once a month to a chosen city in Stanislaus County to provide traffic safety as well as work in the “Avoid the 12” DUI Enforcement Unit. Oakdale was November’s city.

According to Oakdale Police Motorcycle Officer Rockford Anderson, the operation resulted in over 60 citations issued for various moving violations.

Officer Anderson said that violations included two citations for subjects driving with suspended drivers licenses and two more for unlicensed drivers. The team also made one DUI arrest during the morning. Three vehicles were towed during the enforcement.

“The CITE team gives agencies a much needed boost in traffic resources to enforce traffic laws and raise public awareness about unsafe driving,” Anderson said.

Oakdale, as well as the rest of Stanislaus County, has seen a jump in the number of vehicle versus pedestrian collisions. It is the intent of the CITE team to bring awareness to both sides of this problem. The goal is that motorists be cognizant of the traffic laws and that drivers and pedestrians be mindful of each other.