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Cowboy Capital Featured On RFD-TV

The Cowboy Capital captured the attention of the RFD-TV (Rural Free Delivery Television) earlier this year. Producer Kevin Holten rolled into Oakdale with plans of shooting footage during rodeo week to later be used for one episode of “Special Cowboy Moments.” Much to the production team’s surprise, two episodes of material was the end result.

With the community so rich in cowboy history there was enough content that SCM will be airing two episodes of their stay in the Cowboy Capital.

The first episode will air Wednesday, Aug. 15 on RFDTV and features local world champion team roper Jerold Camarillo. The second episode which will also air soon, with a date to be announced, and features local cowboys Ryle Smith, Julio Moreno and former Knights Ferry resident Jeff Shearer. The second episode will also feature an interview with Norm Mendenhall, president of the Oakdale Saddle Club.