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City Manager Surveys Continuing Growth In Oakdale
skatepark pic
For the second time since the pandemic hit, the Oakdale Community Skate Park and Norm Antinetti Basketball Court was forced to shut down. The park gates were locked by city officials on July 31. Dennis D. Cruz/The Leader

Oakdale City Manager Brian Whitemyer sees Oakdale as continuing to move forward, despite the challenges being brought about by COVID-19.

Whitemyer took time to speak on many topics recently, including construction and growth in Oakdale, the coronavirus pandemic and new businesses in town. With coronavirus hitting the community nearly five months ago, the impact has certainly impacted the Cowboy Capital of the World.

“COVID-19 has halted so much over the last several months, but we as a community are trying each day to not let it destroy our town or its growth,” Whitemyer shared.

Examples of how the town is growing are construction throughout many parts of the city. Construction sites include D Street, Crane Road, East J Street, Pedersen and more. Construction is for new apartments, town homes and bettering the road conditions, said Whitemyer. The housing list shows 10 new homes going up in Bridle Ridge, a 46-home subdivision in the area of Crane and Greger and the new multi-home complex on Pedersen, off East J Street.

“I commend the city and council members for working so hard during COVID-19. Their efforts have really helped build our town during the pandemic.”

And while for many local business owners, restrictions that have accompanied efforts to control the virus have made it hard to keep operating, they, too, are persevering.

Whitemyer also pointed to some new businesses working toward opening, including the ‘Grains of Virtue’ brewery taking up residence in the long-vacant cinema building that is part of the Cost Less Shopping Center.

“Before COVID-19 the thought of having a third brewery in town was exciting. It would serve as a great way to bring in tourists and bring great night life,” Whitemyer said. “It still does; I wish them well.”

With rules and state regulations regarding parks and recreation changing rapidly Whitemyer also addressed the skate park and other city parks in town.

“It seems like each day there are new rules and restrictions being dictated upon us. Throughout the pandemic we have posted signs of closure at all parks in town,” he explained.

The skate park was reopened for a time but has closed again and Whitemyer said parks right now basically carry a ‘use at your own risk’ qualification.

“As for the other parks in town, we cannot block those off and monitor them at all times so again we ask that people are responsible and know that we advise not to play at the parks during this time,” he said.

Whitemyer advised anyone who wants the latest COVID-19 numbers to check out or for more details on cases in Oakdale and surrounding areas.

The new Grains Of Virtue Brewing Company is located in the Cost Less Shopping Center. It was the old vacant cinema building. Details for the opening are unknown at this time due to the pandemic.