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Candy Tampering Incident Confirmed In Oakdale
Route map.jpg
Police have recreated the route map where tampered Halloween candy was collected on Wednesday night; the candy was believed to have been provided somewhere in this Burchell Hill area.

Oakdale Police are investigating metal objects discovered inside trick or treat candy reportedly collected in the Burchell Hill neighborhood.

On Halloween night, police responded to a report where a parent turned over chocolate candies that were collected while trick or treating, and reportedly had been tampered with. After further analysis, small metal objects were located inside several items of the commercially packaged chocolate candies. The tampered with candy included a fun sized Snickers candy bar, a fun sized Milky Way candy bar, a Mars mini candy bar, an Almond Joy mini candy bar, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Further forensic analysis is being conducted on the collected items while detectives continue to investigate this incident.

There are no other reports of similar incidents at this time. This type of occurrence is extremely rare. There is no indication that the metal objects entered the candy as a result of the manufacturing process.

Police have recreated the trick or treat route used based on the information provided by the parent, which includes the general Burchell Hill area and are reminding parents to double check any candy collected during trick or treating.

Investigators continue to actively investigate this incident and are asking anyone with any information to contact the police at 209-847-2231.