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Business expansion at Poppy’s benefits area shoppers
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Poppy’s Place owner Courtney Frobe is all smiles as she recently expanded her West F Street consignment space in Oakdale to help meet the needs of more shoppers. Photo By Teresa Hammond

Shoppers who appreciate brand names at a good price need not branch out any further than the west side of Oakdale.

Now, thanks to the combination of her children’s consignment shop success and some fortuitous timing, owner Courtney Frobe of Poppy’s Place has expanded to offer women’s and maternity clothing.

“We are similar to Poppy’s Place the kid side,” the business owner said, “because we still have gently used, good condition clothing (pre-owned). But we also have boutique type clothing.”

Frobe further shared she has access to overstock from other boutiques, plus excess stock from a boutique she owned previously. That allows her to offer a lot with tags but at a discounted price. This includes shoes, boots and clothing. She also has a $5 and $10 rack as well as markdowns to help consigners close sales before their 90-day period.

“I’m hoping to get more shoes and purses, wallets and high-end items,” Frobe stated. “Those seem to go fast. I already had a few Coach that already went, as well as Michael Kors.”

First opening Poppy’s Place in the summer of 2023, the owner shared she had plans of expanding to women’s clothing, just perhaps not this fast. Operating at 1214 W. F St., Oakdale, it was the closing of neighbor Kristine’s Designer Clothing in the same shopping complex that prompted the decision.

Poppy’s Place is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Thursday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; closed Sunday and Monday.

“We were already thinking about it because people have asked about it,” Frobe said of expanding and offering women’s clothing. “We’ve had people that have just driven by and walked in and shared they thought we were women’s.”

She also said in addition, she’s had many local residents pop in and share their longing for the return of a shop similar to the Tags consignment shop which closed several years ago.

“I think people are still learning what we are taking,” she added of consigners as well as shoppers.

Currently the staff at Poppy’s Place is accepting summer items for women as well as maternity and larger sizes for children. Guidelines for what they accept as well as what they offer may also be found on the website,

First time consigners to need to make an appointment. Up to 30 items will be taken at a first appointment. Beyond that, consigners can stop by and drop off up to 20 items per week.

“We also will take swimsuits if they’re new,” Frobe said of current inventory. “Our maternity sells really well. We carry so much maternity because it sells, because it’s so expensive new and you only wear it for so long.”

As the development of the women’s space continues to unfold, the shop owner shared she’s sensitive to the aesthetic of the space, steering away from overstocking the area. Her focus is rather to create a space looking streamlined and shoppable.

“We already have a large dress selection,” she said of the evolving inventory.

As Poppy’s kids line has succeeded, the inventory has grown as well. An area which has expanded most would be “equipment,” which includes high chairs, exer-saucers, strollers, side sleeper bassinets and the like.

Overall, the business owner feels Poppy’s Place offers the community a great option for local shopping, most especially if they need something in a pinch.

“To be able to just say, oh I have this dinner that I’m going to tomorrow night and I didn’t think to look for anything,” she said. “I can just run over to Poppy’s really quick and probably find something.”

Frobe indicated they are currently working on posting photos of their inventory to the website. The purpose being convenience for customers to not just see inventory but place on-line orders for pick-up as well.

“That way you can at least get an idea. You can purchase it and we do a free local pick-up,” the business owner explained. “So at least you know it’s held for you and we’ll text you when it’s ready or you can just stop in.”

Not only is being customer friendly and convenient important to Frobe, supporting other local small businesses is also important to her.

“We just like that we keep it organized and easier to shop in and easier to find things,” she shared of the shop. “We’re here to help you and want to make it a positive experience.”

As a small business owner, Frobe is not just passionate about supporting local business but creating opportunity as well.

“Consignment is not donations, so we can be more picky,” she said. “The funds are going back to the community as well as the moms in the community and the grandmas and aunts that are bringing the items in.”

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Shoes and backpacks, as well as women’s clothing, handbags and accessories are among the many things that can now be found in the expansion of Poppy’s Place Consignment Shop on West F Street in Oakdale. Photo By Teresa Hammond