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Have You Seen This? Sunny D's still got it
No Caption - photo by John Clyde
THE FRIDGE Sunny Delight commercials remind us of simpler days. Days when we went to school, played in the backyard and then came inside to watch TV and enjoy amazing commercials like those from Sunny D.

The concept was simple. Some kids have been out playing hard with frisbees or skateboards and then they come inside and look through the fridge to quench their thirst. Forget the soda and the puple stuff, we've got Sunny D! Here's an example for you.

Well, this new commerical from the kind-of-orange-juice-but-really-not drink company parodies itself, and I'm not going to explain because it's about to become the best part of your day. I've watched it about six times and I'm still wiping tears from my eyes.

Thanks, Sunny D, you've managed to make me desire to take a swig of a beverage that I haven't actually enjoyed for the past 25 years.