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Have You Seen This? Behold! The drum master
No Caption - photo by John Clyde

DRUMLAND When you think of amazing drummers, names such as Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, John Bonham or Carter Beauford may come to mind. Soon, however, the word drummer will be synonymous with this guy.

OK, maybe not, but this dude totally owns the video game Taiko No Tatsujin.

I'm not going to explain the game because, well, I have enough faith in the world at large that you can figure it out. So all you really need to do at this point is marvel at this guy's dedication.

Is it a little unusual that a man is spending so much time in an arcade and is not only a pro at the game but has the drum beats memorized? Sure. But let's focus on the fact that this guy dazzles with spin moves, no look combos and rhythmic head nods.

This man's business is arcade drumming, and business is good.